The Facts


  1. Our Accredited Business Law Specialists are of a select group lawyers who have been accredited as specialists in their area of expertise by the Law Institute of Victoria. 

  2. We regularly share clients with, and work across the table from, the big 10 commercial law firms.  We believe we are a true alternative to those firms in our areas of expertise. Our rates, however, are substantially lower making high quality cost effective advice available to both large and small businesses, family groups and individuals throughout Australia.

  3. The Partners of Hope Earle have been accredited as specialists in their respective areas of expertise and the Hope Earle Special Counsel have either (or both) big 10 commercial law firm experience or have worked extensively in commercial law practices on various business and corporate matters.

  4. Our lawyers have extensive legal and commercial experience which they deploy in providing legal advice and, as such, are well placed to assist Australian companies do business overseas.  We also understand the issues overseas companies experience when they do business in Australia.

  5. Our utmost priority is to add value to you and your business. In doing so, we are not restricted to use the lawyers in our office on matters outside our areas of expertise and will seek the best specialist advice for our clients, irrespective of whether that specialist advice is at a competitive law firm or not.

  6. We won’t always tell you what you want to hear but will instead actually tell you what we think is best for you in the circumstances. We believe it is paramount that you know our unbiased opinions so that together we can assist you to achieve the best possible solution taking into account our advice and your needs and requirements.